Narrative Inquiry

  • qualitative
  • research methods

Narrative inquiry is a research method that involves gathering and analyzing stories or narratives to gain insights into people's experiences, beliefs, and values. In user research, this approach can be used to understand the user's perspective on a product or service by collecting stories about their experiences using it.

Narrative inquiry can take many forms, including open-ended interviews, focus groups, or written narratives. The data collected through narrative inquiry is typically analyzed through a process of thematic analysis to identify patterns and themes that emerge from the stories.

One of the key advantages of narrative inquiry in user research is that it allows researchers to gain a deep understanding of the user's subjective experience with a product or service. By collecting stories directly from users, researchers can gain insights into how users interact with products in their natural environment and how they perceive the value of those products.

Overall, narrative inquiry can be a powerful tool for UX researchers because it allows them to gather rich qualitative data about user experiences that may not be captured through other research methods.

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